Sunday, July 19, 2015

More of the Same

Having survived last May, with its many trips to the emergency room because of my bronchitis and Dean's blood pressure issues, I thought I had seen enough of these maladies for awhile. But apparently not.

About a week ago I got another cold. This one is not a "category 5" like the one last spring, but it is definitely a 2 or 3. People who hear me on the phone think I've just come down with it, but no, this congestion has been around for over a week now.

And then Dean's blood pressure started running, not high again, but too low! So we've had to adjust his medication once again and still waiting to see if it gets back to normal.

But as a whole, nothing will be back to normal around here since they delivered Dean's C-PAP machine the other day. Did I mention it comes with an oxygen concentrator too? His sleep apnea will finally be addressed--IF Dean is compliant about following the "program".

I thought having one breathing machine in the house to deal with (my own) was enough of a hassle, but this will mean I will have it DOUBLE. So far, Dean hasn't even mastered getting the mask on by himself. But I know I will be the one to fill and empty his humidifier, rinse out the mask and hoses every week, make sure he turns the concentrator on and off, keep his filters changed, and daily remind him to use his nose spray and dry mouth spray.

The idea is so he will get a better night's sleep. But it looks like for awhile, it will be at the expense of mine! Not only will I have my own nighttime potty breaks, but now will have to get up for his too.

All this extra work just reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus makes for each of us. So much of life's duties are beyond our ability to perform. Jesus quietly comes in and completes those tasks that we are too weak to do for ourselves.

A friend was recently sounding very worried about how I am going to be able to handle all Dean's needs, both now and in the future. But I just have to remember that Jesus has our life totally figured out. I trust in His plan. Just as Dean trusts that I will make his life here and now as comfortable and enjoyable as I can, Jesus wants that for me too. I feel His love with every caregiving move I make.


...and Hers.