Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Faller Gets a Walker

What a wonderful idea it was to get Dean to agree to using a walker. He's a regular "faller"--not the timberman variety that he used to call himself in his logging days--but the kind where you either kiss the sidewalk or tumble on the carpet.

Fortunately, he hasn't had any serious injuries from his falls. I've seen him as he goes down and it reminds me of one of the big trees he used to fall out in Montana...slow at first, then speeding up just before the final collapse.

But despite his graceful falling techniques, the doctor agreed that it was time to graduate from his cane to a walker. Since Medicare picked up most of the tab and Medicaid the rest, I talked Dean into getting the prescription filled the same day, before he had a chance to change his mind.

He has seemed right proud of his new "buggy" and has brought it with him on many of his outings. Still working on getting more home use out of it though.

But here's the one piece of the puzzle that I hadn't anticipated. Someone has to lift that "buggy" in and out of the car when he brings it with us. So far I've convinced him that he's that somebody, because honestly, it is beyond my weight lifting limit, especially when you factor in all the shortness of breath it gives me.

So he's agreed to muscle it in and out of the car, like I say, so far. Dreading it when he refuses or gets too frail to do it himself. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

What this experience has taught me though is that what might seem like a brilliant idea to us at the time may end up having unforeseen consequences. It certainly did for me this time.

That's why I love having God to pave my way. He sees the big picture. Even when I don't follow His exact plan, if I stay close to Him, He'll guide me to my final destination--one way or another.

Thank you, God, for being my fallback "muscle" Man. And when I rush ahead with my plans, help me stop and rest awhile on a seat just like the one for Dean's walker.

It's even got brakes!