Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pancake Pride

We just got through with a sleepover for our two young granddaughters last night. They look forward to pancakes in the morning, usually prepared for them by "Gwampa".

The oldest granddaughter requested that I make the pancakes this time though. She said her last one by Grandpa had "black spots" on it--referring to one of his burnt ones, of course. He understood and allowed me to make them this time.

I ended up cooking a black-sided one too, but made sure it ended up on Grandpa's plate. Then I accidentally invented a "cat pancake" when the batter spread into the shape of cat ears when I turned it over. Naturally, I had to try to duplicate my accidental invention with the next one!

Isn't this how it is in life too? All of us can make mistakes--Grandpas AND Grandmas. And sometimes our best results are arrived at totally by accident. Remembering this can certainly check any pride in our own achievements. It helps me give God the praise and glory for everything that happens in my life.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our Last Minute Church

My days have been so full, juggling caregiving for Dean and babysitting my granddaughters, that I was determined to make this weekend the most relaxing I could for myself. I really needed to soak up some stress-free hours to relieve my never-ending fatigue. (My oxygen issues contribute greatly to this. I'm not just getting old, I'm flying through it double-time, fighting for every breath!)

At the last minute yesterday, trying to think of every contingent in Dean's care, I discovered that there was one Adventist church in town that we hadn't attended in quite awhile. I knew it would be a small congregation, so when I found out the service started at 11:30, I knew I might have a winner, just in case Dean insisted on going somewhere for church.

I didn't dare mention the possibility of going to church or the magic spell of peace would be broken. But when he finally did ask about going to church, as he usually does, I had the answer. "Let's go to the one that starts at 11:30." That was only an hour away, but plenty of time for us to get ready . I had enjoyed most of the morning in relative peace and quiet, so felt strong enough to tackle this new experience.

The Capitol View S.D.A. Church was perfect for Dean. Besides having a traditional agenda, there was plenty of friendliness to go around. Just enough people for Dean to socialize, without getting swallowed up in the crowd. They didn't seem at all uncomfortable in his presence. The space was confined to a small sanctuary, so I didn't have to worry about him wandering off and Dean could hear all the speakers well.

The sermon ended right on time, and there was a dinner at someone's house, which we felt more than welcome to attend. One of the songs they sang during song service was "Jesus Loves Me", one of Dean's favorites. And surprise, surprise, I found out there were no children's classes, so there were few children for me to worry about being frightened by Dean.

As we were descending a wide staircase outside the sanctuary following the service, two young boys were curling up in a ball and repeatedly rolling down the carpeted stairs, as if it was a grassy hill outside, and no one seemed to mind. The adults were even encouraging them with comments like, "I wish I was young enough to do that!"

Yes, a church that fits someone with dementia. What a blessing this Sabbath has been! Small churches, large churches, and those in-between. There's a reason for them all. They can all be lighthouses to reach people of all kinds. Even wild, scary-looking ones, like my loving husband.