My Scoliosis

I have multiple spinal curvatures (scoliosis), resulting in many casts and braces growing up, and a total spinal fusion when I was twelve. This has resulted in my being on oxygen since 2005--from a deformed chest cavity. Here's a few photos of my childhood.
(Who would guess that I'd grow up and BE a caregiver for someone else!)
my first cast, the day they put it on--14 mo. old in 1952

I'm the skinny one in another cast on the left--with grandpa and brother and sister.

I'm the skinny one on the right (still in a cast)--the oldest of my 2 siblings.

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Joy said...

My cousin had scoliosis, had the back surgery at Shriner's Hospital. You have some difficult health issues to contend with, but look at how you lean on the Lord. You are a testament of your faith.