Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fleeting Fame

For the last month or two I have experienced some fleeting celebrity. It started out feeling like a brilliant flame of glory, but alas, when the embers died down, I am reminded that there was a reason for all the hoopla.

My first call of notoriety came when Outlook magazine I blog for wanted to do a feature article on me. Then, just weeks later, the local newspaper wanted to do a front page story on me. These requests to be interviewed resulted in major coverage, with photos of me no less, on the magazine cover and front page of the newspaper. (Notice I'm using the word "me" a lot here.)

Even though I was excited to share my celebrated status with my family and closest friends, it continues to be uncomfortable with others seeing it, when I think about it too much. People might think I'm getting too proud of myself. Indeed, I am finding it difficult to remain grounded and just keep reminding myself what these articles were really all about, and what they were meant to accomplish.

The Outlook, my church's main news outlet for Adventists in the Midwest, wanted to draw attention to the in-depth Bible study that can achieved, utilizing our Sabbath School Bible Study guide and all those resources meant to support it, including my weekly blog.

The Journal Star newspaper wanted to draw attention to caregivers across the state, making it easier for people to understand why certain proposed state legislation might help a large segment of our population...over 200,000 caregivers across the state of Nebraska. I just demonstrated what a typical caregiver's life might look like.

Nothing special or magical about my caregiving experience. I feel nothing but praise for anyone who attempts to pick up the slack for a friend or family member who needs help with any of the daily tasks of living. These caregivers all carry burdens, some light, others quite heavy. I represent an average family caregiver...and that is all.

The Lord is daily teaching me where all the glory needs to go. I love Him for sharing a brief moment of it with me these last few weeks. But the only glory that will last is the kind we will taste someday in heaven. I long to be there to share it with Him then.

Below is the link to the newspaper article, in case you haven't seen it. If you're a regular or new reader of this blog, you may be interested.


How true. Should applaud them all!