Monday, April 30, 2012

Ants in the Kitchen

No one likes to see ants in the kitchen. For some reason, they have infiltrated mine this past week. First I saw one or two, then three or four, and I don't even like to think how many are at this very minute marching on the wall behind my sink and faucet.

At first I sprayed from a can of ant killer that I had from a few years back. Then my nephew sprayed them with a bigger sprayer we got recently for indoor and outdoor bugs. But we are still seeing them. These are little and persistent little pests. They may be small, but are mighty in numbers. And that's what I worry about most--the fact that soon there will be a vast army of the little critters.

We are tiny creatures too, when you think of the whole, big universe out there. Our real strength is in our numbers. God created us to populate the whole earth. He made us the social creatures we are. But Satan has launched an attack on the human race. He's the great exterminator, and only with God's power can we withstand his assaults.

You've got to admire the tenacity of those tiny ants. So far, they have survived us. Will we survive Satan?