Dean's Tractor Accident

Dean, still in a coma--just a few days after a tractor ran over him from head to foot on 9/1/1999

Becoming a Caregiver           
 During the months after the accident, I had become used to making all the household, financial, and health decisions for the family. But now with his release from the hospital the day before Christmas, this looked like it would be the permanent role I would play for the unforeseeable future. I would be caring for an extremely emaciated man who was so weak he could barely walk, may never drive again, and was so disoriented he would get lost in our small house the first few days he was home. Was I up to this?
            Many years later, I am still asking that question; but obviously we all survived. Caregiving has made me a stronger person. I don’t recommend it for anyone, but if life throws it your way, just embrace it and know that you are not alone. Love and a sense of humor are your best tools for survival.

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Joy said...

Teresa, you have such wisdom and a quiet peace and grace about you and how you have handled this situation. The world needs to read about your example of Christ's love and care for others. The world should be coming to this blog and garnering the precious jewels of wisdom that you share. Many would be better for it.