Sunday, March 27, 2016

Show Me the Way!

Last week I was disheartened to find that Dean is still not using his C-PAP enough hours to pass the Medicare requirements for coverage. But I begged the pulmonary company for the real deal on what it takes to pass the 30-day test. What I discovered was quite different than I had been thinking.

He has to use this needed breathing equipment at least 4-6 hours every day for thirty consecutive nights, or 24-hour periods (daytime naps count). But he has ninety days to reach that goal. And there's no way to cheat. There's a computer in the C-PAP that relays the usage data to the needed offices. It can even tell whether he's wearing it on his face, or just has the machine turned on.

Wow, what a revelation this was! But armed with our new information, I was able to motivate Dean to wear it all night for the last three nights. I am just praying that he continues this trend, because if he skips even one night, or fails it by even a few minutes, then the 30-day count has to start all over.

All this has made me grateful for a God who makes our salvation so relatively simple. First, He is very simple and straightforward in His requirements.

But best of all, He doesn't just sit there, pouring over our life record, waiting to see if we will pass the test of life. He actively gives us the needed tools to achieve our goal and makes sure we know everything there is to know about having success.

Praise God for making our victory so relatively simple. He truly wants each of us to be covered with His unfailing love and salvation. Once again, what a revelation this was!