Monday, December 26, 2016

Just for Fun

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was moving, not even my Yorkie, Minnie Mouse.
The stockings were given to those with cold feet,
In hopes of more car repairs my son-in-law can complete.

The grandchildren were nestled, all snug in their new bath robes,
While visions of their mom's fudge, swam by their eyes and earlobes.
Daughter in her new thermal underwear top, and my hubby in his new winter cap,
Have settled down warmly for many more winter naps.

When right through my window, there arose some warm sunshine,
A sharp weather contrast to yesterday's rainstormy kind.
I ran to the window, where granddaughters had drawn
Many beautiful pictures with their new window crayons.

Adults have been coloring in their new coloring books,
While two little hermit crabs might be on the loose.
These crabs are good pets, the pet stores have assured us,
But of course, there are many accessories that allured us.

For now, we will put on our new lotions and creams,
And hope that the New Year will have many sunbeams.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Worth the Wait!

 I wasn't trying to hide from my caregiving duties, but the respite I just received by spending twelve days with my sister in Florida, has proven just the medicine I needed to face the unpredictability of overseeing Dean's care now that I've returned.

Keeping my Thanksgiving visit a secret from my sister was difficult, but I'm glad we did. She was as awestruck and happy as I was, when I walked in the house one day, totally unexpected. It was her Christmas present from her husband, and who could ask for a better one?!

Her tearful, happy response reminded me of how the righteous will react when Jesus gloriously comes again to reunite us with our loved ones and take us all together to heaven to be with Him there.

I've often wondered why the timing of Jesus' Second Coming is unknown to all but God Himself. But perhaps He wants to keep it a secret for the same reason we wanted to surprise my sister. What a thoughtful, loving God we have to give us the wonderful gift of His Return.

My sister, making our family's homemade noodles for Thanksgiving...very yum!

Two days after my return, we had a birthday party for Dean at the house. He had 3 ice cream bars, but also has 3 teeth left. His birthday smiles were worth waiting for. Many friends stopped by the house that afternoon to see him.